Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice Storm

To every one on my Christmas Card List, I am sorry. Last year I didn't get my cards out because of a broken wrist. This year I had all good intentions. I was visiting my mother in early December and would get cards sent out when I got home. Then this happened:

The ice storm wreaked havoc in Central Massachusetts. Not to worry though, Friday morning after it looked like the worst of it was over we left her powerless house and found refuge in a hotel about 20 miles away. Travel was treacherous, but we made it.

My mother's house is still without power but they say it should be back in the next few days. Then the big clean up begins. I will probably be here through Christmas.

Next year I promise I will get those Christmas cards out earlier!

Thank you Boston Globe for the pictures.


e said...

OMG! Stay warm!

Paula Pertile said...

Oh geez!
I wish I had a good 'excuse' like that.
Well, not really I guess.
Like e says, stay warm!