Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm feeling very conflicted. I spend a good part of my
days drawing cute and happy mice, but for the last
few months, mice have been the enemy. They have
invaded my home. Drastic measures are called for.


Patty said...

I hear them running in the ceiling of this old farmhouse we bought. I've whacked a few, but I feel bad about it too. I think they are Grandmother's Critter Ridder book says that rodents (especially mice) are allergic to oil of pepperment. They will not frequent an area where they can smell it. Put a few drops on cotton balls and place them anywhere you feel there is a mouse problem and you will never see them again. Use only real oil of pepperment not extract. Hope this helps!

Paula Pertile said...

I could loan you one of my cats...

karen lee said...

That is so funny in a twisted way. Sarah - your work is wonderful.