Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Seriously! For the last 14 days, snow has
fallen. I worry for my crocuses.


kate said...

Hey Sarah!

I was going through my bookmarks and your site led me to your new blog. Love it! And I totally feel your pain with snow. We finally got some sunshine for a few hours today after weeks of overcastness and snow showers. Come spring!


Paula Pertile said...

Its still snowing there?! Wow. Your little guy looks...well, like he can't believe its still snowing either. He's very cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks Paula! Hi Kate!

Yes it is still snowing, although the sun came out for a little while today, and it smelled a little like spring. So maybe there is some hope!

Marjorie van Heerden said...

Sarah - I love your rabbit in the snow! - we going into our winter now here on the tip of South Africa but it does not snow - just rain - I'm new at blogging and enjoying it - go and have a peep at my blog -

Elizabeth said...